Oculus Rift; Novelty or The Future of Gaming?

I have seen so many comments on YouTube and video game videos saying things like: “This would be amazing on Oculus Rift” and “Imagine this game on Oculus Rift” and it got me to thinking; Is this Oculus Rift thing really going to catch on? Or is it just going to be another virtual reality novelty like we’ve seen so many times before? 


And in all seriousness for once I don’t have a clear opinion, so i’m going to start talking about my thought process on this piece of tech. Firstly I think it has great potential but then so do many other pieces of technology like the Ouya for example; however this does seem to have more momentum than the Ouya does and a lot more people seem to be excited for it; meaning the developers will probably spend more time working on the gadget to make it as perfect as can be.

The games that are being made exclusively with the Oculus Rift in mind, will probably be fun and will more than likely work with the hardware. However, games that are ported to the machine I have a lot of doubts about; I have seen many reviews of the Rift in action and all of them have said that it works well with it’s own software and is fully immersive but the third party games are just a one way ticket to headacheville and nauseatown. Which brings me onto my next topic…

Do you want to play a game for it to give you headaches and that makes you dizzy the moment you take the headset off in trade for a slightly more immersive experience? I’m not sure I do. Also I can’t help but think that the headaches and nausea will take away from the immersiveness anyway.

The games of which it works best with, at the moment at least; are your standard roller coaster simulation games. Which means you’re basically sticking a miniature fairground simulator on your face. But once again if you could games to fully work well with it there’s no reason games such as Call of Duty or Skyrim could become simply fantastic as you take on waves of killer zombies or cast magical spells around Tamriel; and that I must admit would be quite fun.

One more thing about this type of virtual reality gaming: Is it going to fail like almost every other attempt has done in the past? Gamers like to sit back and relax with their games not flail their heads around and potentially knock their cans of soda all over their $1000+ gaming PC as they reach for their drink with a giant screen/blindfold over their eyes.

They are just a few of my thoughts about the Oculus Rift and as you can see I’m torn on the subject; maybe swaying toward the novelty side of the spectrum. What do you think, Is it just a fad that we’ll forget about over time or do you believe this is the start of something special? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Oculus Rift; Novelty or The Future of Gaming?

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